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August 16, 2013
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Saveta Age Meme by Xuiology Saveta Age Meme by Xuiology
wow I waited pretty long to post this.

for my character:
Age 5-6

She was a pretty obedient child. She took to her dance and music lessons very fast and was stoic throughout her childhood. Even though she was an only child she wasn't spoiled or coddled often by her parents. She was closer to her father than her mother. While she did love her mother, she felt intimidated yet envious of her. It was always said that saveta looks exactly like her mother with her father's eyes but she felt that she couldn't possibly measure up to the standards and grace her mother had. It was a feeling that followed her into her teen years.

Culture: Saveta's family does not allow children under the age of 12 to have long hair. Their heads are shaved after every winter.
Fact: Saveta is the only child of her parents. In all, she has 9 cousins 2 of whom she shares the same ages with.

Fact: Saveta's childhood nickname was "Vetta" No one called her by her whole name till she was much older.

Age 16-17

Saveta let her hair grow out, only trimming every so often. As she grew into her teen years she received more compliments and statements about her beauty. She loved dancing and performing. When she danced, it seemed like she was a completely different person, when she didn't dance, she was awkward and shy and didn't like to be crowded. She was compared to her mother even more often than when she was younger. Instead of envy, Saveta felt more pressure to be exactly like her mother. She never felt as though she could measure up.

Culture: Women in Saveta's family have their own coming of age ceremony a week before their 17th birthday. They perform a traditional dance for the entire family in the beginning of the ceremony and it ends with the parents granting her a special family heirloom to wear (ie: the earrings saveta once had)

Fact: Saveta was one of the most dedicated members of her family. She was not satisfied with learning to dance so she learned the culture, traditions, and the history. she saw herself as a representative of what her family stood for

Fact 2: Saveta first started using tambourines as a weapon when she was 16. As far as she knows, she's the first woman in her family to learn and know how to fight.

Age 20-21:

Present day. Saveta as captured a dungeon twice, received two titles, is fairly rich and now lives on her own in a house in S'vear. She was disowned by her family after an argument between her and her father (over the decision on whether or not to sell a family heirloom).
She realized the reason why she never felt like the carbon copy of her mother that everyone thought she was. While her mother was kind, graceful, fragile, and soft like the petals of the rose, Saveta was more tough yet awkward, strong and supportive like that of the thorny stem. While they both knew kindness, they were opposites and Saveta could never see herself being exactly like her.

Fact: Saveta doesn't perform as often, instead she teaches dance lessons to the children of most of her clients.

Fact 2: She's still trying to figure out her purpose in life.


thheerree ya have it. -u-

Saveta (c) ~Xuiology
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She's so badass~~~ *loves the transition*~~~~~
\; v ;/  thank! 
she's movin on up. 
I love the facts you put in, but if you don't mind, I found a little mistake in the second Culture section, "They perform a traditional_danac_for the entire family".

Good work. : D
No problem. : D
M-Jenai Aug 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
She's an interesting Character! 
I like the fact children keep their hair short 

I put a lot of thought into my characters and even their past and culture so it means that means a lot.  :')  
coeforoi Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow I really love it! She looks amazing, especially in the last panel :)
But I have a question! Did you make the template on your own? It looks like a pretty fun meme to do!
oh wow thanks. ; u ; 

Oh no, it was made by this da user ~inupi 
It's a meme specifically for this group that we are in. Come to think of it, almost every group has its own variation of this meme. I'm not sure if there's one that's not specifically for a group, but you can check, Just search "age meme template"' on DA.  You can your own version as well. owo I hope that helps!
coeforoi Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw thank you so much! You've been really kind!
I really like your artstyle, you are really talented in my opinion. (: 
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