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September 10, 2011
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SA: Phys Ed. Teacher Pirate by Xuiology SA: Phys Ed. Teacher Pirate by Xuiology
Er application advertising~ \o u o;/ for :iconshinigamiacademy:
EDIT \> V </ APP UPDATE t.- .t now he looks taller

Human Info:

Legal Name: Anthony Venzen
Age: 21
Date of Birth: January 14
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: West Indian (Carib Indian Decent)/ African / Puertorican
Country of Citizenship: United States Virgin Islands
Height: 7'9''
Weight: 210lbs
Date of Death: December 18th
Cause of Death: He shot himself in the head.
History: (LOL LONG HISTORY IS LONG) From the time Anthony was young enough to speak all the way to his young teen years, he suffered abuse from all sides. He was awkward and antisocial in school, everyone thought he was crazy, his mother was a die hard Christian who believed everything was evil, and his father, (being a Christian as well) Wanted any excuse to beat Anthony until he didn't feel like it anymore.

As a freshman in high school, Anthony stared learning about The history of the Virgin Islands. He loved learning about his culture and found it to be fascinating. This soon became the only thing Anthony had that made him happy. He got involved in the school's social studies competitions, political debates, news, anything that involved history and history in the making. And for a while, his parents stayed silent.

By junior year, Anthony decided that he wanted to go to school to be a journalist, come back down to the VI and become a senator and later become a historian. He had it all planned out. But his parents where not amused with his life plan. They wanted him to stay and become a pastor. They felt he would lose touch with God if he left them to go to college and he'd spread evil through the mainland or the evil of the mainland would devour him. Anthony refused to let them control his life, he had gained a few friends, and found meaning in his life. His parents, on the other hand were already working to tear his life apart. They started with his school. They pulled him out of public school and forced him into a private school. His father went back to beating him. His mother made sure he took part in no extracurricular that didn't involve God or the bible. The private school children could not relate to Anthony's misery because they were not religious in anyway at all. They were just rich snobs who were waiting to graduate from a school their parents could afford with ease. In fact, one could have said Anthony had a holier time in public school.

One night after Anthony's graduation, he'd finally snapped. He was going to kill his parents. This was not a decision he had recently made. No. All his life from his very childhood he had contemplated this. Even if he didn't know it. He had always desired to kill them. He was aware that he would spend his life in jail. He was even prepared for it. His decision was based on the fact, that if he did, his life would be miserable in jail, if he didn't, his life would be miserable as a pastor. He wanted the one without his parents. even though they would grow old and die eventually. He wanted to watch them die; watch them bleed and cry and call to their God.
He was going to shoot them, shoot them in their knees and then shoot them in their heads. 3 shots each.
He planned a specific date when this would happen (he needed to get the gun) it would take a while but it would be worth it.
When the time came, he prayed. He said
"Lord, I am going to sin. You know what I will do. I'm not asking your forgiveness because I wont be sorry. "
It was then, he had a thought. He was resorting to violence to solve his problem, just as his parents did. What if he got away with it? Who else was he going to kill? Anthony got up and looked in the mirror, he could see it, his face transforming into a man he did not recognize. A man he did not want to be. He stared at the gun. There was a third option for him to make now.
His parents sat in the other room quietly. This was their "time with the Lord" a time to reflect on their day and how thankful they are. Or so they said. Really, this was their "Let's listen carefully to see if Anthony makes a noise, so we can have an excuse to beat him" time. Anthony sat on his bed, and exhaled lightly, he flipped on coin in the air and let it land on the floor. Almost on cue his parents rushed in angrily to the sight of Anthony holding the gun to his head and staring directly at them. His mother screamed and his father shouted at him to put the gun down. Anthony merely smiled "You did this. I'm going home" he muttered "you did this" and with that, he pulled the trigger.

(TL;DR: His crazy religious parents drove him to thoughts of murder that later turned to suicide to stop himself from becoming a murder/serial killer )

Shinigami Info

Alias: Pirate
Classification: 1990
Class: Physical Education

Age: 750
-Making Newborns Run
-The smell of bread baking
-Having people play with his hair
-Hitting people
-Breaking things

-People who are too friendly (he doesn't trust them... and they annoy him)
-People who feel they are too lazy for his class
-His Doll form
-Being interrupted
-Your family
-your friends
-your pets
-being annoyed
-wearing shirts
-wearing shoes
-cutting his hair

He's quiet until he feels he needs to say something. He's trust worthy in a sense that he will not break a promise. He's selective of the people he hangs around. If he feels you wont be annoying, he'll talk to you. If he thinks you're going to piss him off, he'll tell you to get the hell out of his sight no matter who you are (with the exception of the DeathMaster). He doesnt have a great sense of humor so making him laugh is almost Impossible. Making him smile would be a miracle. Even if he likes you, he's always straight faced or just angry looking (:iconstaresplz: ) Lastly, once you have his friendship and/or loyalty he's almost a different person. He's a bit nicer and more caring.

:new: He not very empathetic to those he doesn't know very well so if you have a problem, he's not the guy to go to unless you want someone punched through a wall for you.
He hates being given stupid nicknames so if you're going to give him a nickname, don't give him one that will get you a first class seat on his bad side.

Additional Information:
-no shirt
-no shoes
-no problem :eyes:
-his hair is braided locks going down his back
-he'll sometimes speak in Caribbean dialect. when he's upset or thinking but tends to speak properly for the sake of people understanding him.
-he knows Spanish
-Pirate has a secret love of birds. Any kind of bird. He would have a pet parrot if he could.
-his eyes are light blue and are always glowy. The only time you wont see them glow is if he is sad (or he has his eyes closed (lol of course) )

EDIT: Info updated :dummy:
App info still under construction o-o/
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