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June 4, 2012
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MA application by Xuiology MA application by Xuiology
My character for :iconmonsteracademy:

Name: Saraf (no last name)

Glamor Name: Fatina Ruan

Age: 102 (reality) .

Height: 5'10''

Glamor age: 21

Monster type: Soucouyant
* A monster in West Indian folklore that is seen as an old woman who sheds her skin at night and floats around in the form of a fire ball, making its way into homes through key holes and sucking some of the life out of children; then returning back to their skin before daybreak. The monster trades some of the life it takes from the children to a demon for dark obeah magic. The old women who are really soucouyants usually practice Obeah (dark/voodoo-like magic.

Natural weapons: N/A

Trained weapons: Dark/Voodoo magic || Fire

Grade: freshman

Favorite class: Human Studies
* Soucouyants are all about blending in with humans. The more she knows the better.

Worst class: Potions
*she didn't spend a lot of time making potions, she'll need to learn.

:bulletred: Rice
* To stop a soucouyant from entering your house, you must put rice on the doorstep. The soucouyant will have to count each grain of rice before it does anything else.
* As a human she would hate rice.
:bulletred: Salt
* To kill a soucouyant, you must find her skin and pour salt in it. When she comes back to put her skin back on, the salt will kill her.
* As a human she would be very allergic to salt.

Major Skills:
-Voodoo and Obeah (dark) Magic
-Absorbing energy (she can suck the energy from those she touches ) (this is on will though, she’s not Rouge lol)
Minor Skills:

She’s a little mischievous, and very sassy. Hates hard physical work, but loves derping about with magic. She’s a little impatient sometimes and likes being sort of a mystery to others. She can be friendly to certain people and trolly to others. She has vain tendencies. She loves her body, so getting scratches or bruises worry her. She’s not very touchy-feely to people she’s meeting for the first time so don’t expect her to shake your hand, let alone hug you. (she would have to really like you ) She’s not very sweet and caring all the time, she’s a bit rougher than other girls. She’s not judgmental, but if you act like a person she won’t get along with, odds are, she’s not gonna waste her time with you. (more tba as she develops :> )


Mine’ yuh chil’ o’ watch deh soucoyant dem come suck out deh blood from hah.

Fantina was just two years old when she became the first victim to the village soucouyant on the island of Dominica. Asleep in her cot, a glowing ball of fire entered her room. Awoken by the light, mistaking it for daylight, she stared at the fire ball, giggling and reaching for it. The fireball hovered above her and glowed brighter and brighter, so bright she could barely see. This scared Fatina and she cried as loudly as she could, but her cries slowly became softer and softer until she fell into a deep sleep. When the sun finally came back up the fireball was gone. Fatina’s mother walked into the room to get her up and ready for breakfast when she saw her laying there, pale and boney, as if the life had been sucked straight from her. Her mother screamed in horror and ran to call her husband and mother “DANIEL, MAMA, DEH SOUCOUYANT COME FOR FATINA, DEH SOUCOUYANT GEH MY BABY”

Fatina felt really cold and heavy after that night. She could hear her mother and grandmother crying and her father shouting and cursing. What was going on? Was she dreaming? Two years had passed after the incident. Fatina continued to float around in a heavy darkness when she suddenly felt warm, then hot; soon, she was burning up. She moved around. She felt as though she was trapped in a box. She struggled and struggled until she burst out from where she was to find herself in a cemetery. She looked down and saw that she have no feet, or legs, or arms, or hands; and she was glowing. All around her was a glowing light. She heard an echoing cackle and looked around to find an old woman, holding a piece of what looked like skin. The woman walked closer to her and threw the skin over her, chanting something over and over. Fatina soon found she had the body of a four year old and looked up at the woman who scooped her up into her arms. She did not understand anything that was going on. She was scared and wanted to wake up to her mama singing hymns to her in the morning as her grandmother made breakfast. The old woman apologized to her and told Fatina that she would have to live with her now.

As Fatina grew older, she forgot who her parents were or what happened. She knew she was a Soucoyant, just like there old woman who she now called “Nani”. Little did she know, the old woman was the soucoyant that attacked her when she was little and the skin that she was given was actually taken from a different child. The child was a rude little girl who was an orphan that went out and roamed the street at night; knowing she was not supposed to. The life was sucked completely from the girl and all that was left was her skin. The skin was also charmed by obeah magic to age as Fatina did. The old woman taught Fatina everything she needed to know about Obeah and Voodoo, what soucouyants did and how they lived. She introduced Fatina to the demon magic dealers like Brazil and even gave Fatina a new name. She called her Saraf.

Saraf, as Fatina was now known as, was raised away from other children and teenagers, running errands for the old woman. The old woman would go out and collect energy at night while Saraf stayed home and carved artifacts and idols from bones. One night, after the old woman shed her skin and left the house to collect life energy, there was a commotion outside their home. The men in the village gathered around and tried to sneak into the house, scared, Saraf snuck out through the back door and hid in the bush. After the men had left, she snuck back into the house and found nothing was broken or taken but the old woman’s skin was covered in salt. Unable to touch it herself, she waited for the old woman to return so she could warn her. When the old woman returned, Saraf tried to tell her about her skin and the salt. But the old woman did not listen, thinking that Saraf was trying to trick her and that she had somehow found the truth about her past. When she put on the skin, the old woman screamed and cried in pain. Boils formed all over her skin as she began to rot. She spat and cursed at Saraf, blaming her for her downfall and cursed Saraf’s skin before she died. Weeks later Saraf found that her skin was starting to decompose slowly. As decades past, she found that she had to not only take life energy from children to get the magic she needed, but she also had to steal bits and pieces of skin to keep hers fresh. She knew she couldn’t go on like this. When she received notice about Monster Academy, and Glamors, she wasted no time making her way to the school. When she arrived to Monster Academy and received her Glamor, she threw away her skin, thinking she would never need it again. Not only did she adore her new youthful body. She felt a sense of freedom that she would never let go.

:bulletgreen: In her soucouyant form, her fire is not hot to her victims.
:bulletgreen: Water does not weaken her in her form or any form for that matter.
:bulletgreen: The body her glamor gave her is that she would have if she had not been attacked by a soucouyant.
:bulletgreen: She hates the name Fatina
:bulletgreen: She likes skulls and making dolls
:bulletgreen: Her glamor is her Skull Belt.
:bulletgreen: She has a fascination with small children.
:bulletred: :bulletblack: She has a pet, His name is Petri [link] and [link]
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