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July 5, 2011
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CC npc Jae by Xuiology CC npc Jae by Xuiology
Name:Jamaal Hendricks
Nickname: Jae
Business name: Trigger
Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Weight: 194 lbs
Eyes: grey (he’s blind)
Health Status: Infected
Side effects:
-Chronic headaches-
-Loss of sleep-
(^there are times when his body will not let him sleep, so he has bags under his eyes. When he can sleep, he sleeps for extremely long periods of time.)

Gang status: Latin syndicate ex second
Job: Weapons Dealer/ Con man
Sexual preference: - At the moment, not really interested in either sexes- Most likely will not get in a relationship unless it benefits him. (of course this can change with the right person :iconheplz:

Jae is generally friendly to females and males he trusts. He’s sexist and so girls will get better treatment than men as far as attitude goes, but he has a habit of insulting everyone to their face without them even knowing. He’s very intelligent and clever when it comes to business. He can be laid back and jokey when he’s off duty. He enjoys the company of women and hearing their voices. He can be very flirtatious but it doesn't always mean he finds you attractive, sorry :c . He can be sarcastic sometimes… okay most of the times; especially when asked a stupid question.

TO BE ADDED dsfdfa

Strengths/ weaknesses
+Hand to hand
+Reading people
+Hand to hand fights
+Tricking people
+Assessing people by just touching them
-Allergic to mushrooms
-when his vision acts up (it tends to flash in and out) his balance is thrown off and he can’t move around without falling over
-more to be added when I can think of it @-@-

+Tricking people
-Everyone talking at the same time
-People who are too fragile
-Having to be protected (he hates it. 8’I he’d really be beaten to a pulp, its stupid but that’s how he feels)
-Having his hair touched ( <- DON’T DO IT. NO NO NO NO NO… unless you’re a girl, then its totally cool eueb )

-He has a habit of touching people
-HE’S BLIND (lololol //shot)
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*U* Omg! He's so awesome!!! >////< Why you made hot awesome characters >:3
nice last name <3 lol
Jet: o////o hey, I never seen you around....or i dont remember....
thankyou! >U<
:u cause someone has to! lol what is it about his last name? x'D I named him after someone I know. lol

Jae: well I can guarantee I haven't seen you around. *chuckles* But all jokes aside, I doubt I have, miss~ I don't recognize your pretty voice.
QUQ youre welcome
lol yea your right, Oh the name just remind me of Jimi Hendrix. lol XD ignore me... >3>

Jet: Oh, im sorry, i didnt realize.... O/////o p-pretty? *Cover her mouth and cheeks with her scarf(pff jet you dont need to do that, curse her forgetfulness)* Im Jet Vanglider....Nice to meet you.
xD lol who's jimi hendrix?

Jae: -chuckles- no worries. And yes, pretty, i believe that's what I said~ *hold out hand for her to shake * You may call my Jae, Its a pleasure to meet you jet~
......*goes to look for pic of him* [link] Just this guy. XD lol My dad played a lot of his music when i was a kid.

Jet: Jea, huh? ok *smiles* I hope we get to hang out in the near future.
Lol xD what are the ODDS?? thats cool. I've seen that pic before just can't remember when.

Jae: likewise... *slowly lowers hand* / guess she doesn't shake hands...
IKR! XD thats cool, I got to hear more about him in my senior history class....dont remember why though =3=

Jet: *watches his hand slowly lowers*.........oAo what i suppose to do something!? oh my god DX i must have offended him, first what i first said to him and now this! ;A; ......I guess i should go.

Jet doesnt remember to shake hands in situation like this....pfff also i completely fail at seeing that action! XD my bad, it like thoughs time with dimi and zurie. XD i kept having dimi answer her thoughts XD lol
Nice! xD

Jae: Only if you want too~ I don't mind your company at all. ~

(XD lol i figured. LOL i remeber that "oAo YOU'RE PSYCHIC!/ >3> What? no im not..." *gigglesnort* 8'D GOOD TIMMMEES)
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I just looove the pose that is on the left, where he's leaning against something, the arm's muscles are well defined! and of course, the badass attitude ;P
;D thankyou!
>u> the one on the left is actually my fav. love that pose <333
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