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Azura AU app by Xuiology Azura AU app by Xuiology
Character Name: Azura Nigh (N- eye) Cristescu
Nickname: Zurie
Age: 31 (in appearance)
Birthday: December 21rst
Gender: Female
Race: Dark Ice Angel
Sexual preference: Men (Is married)
Eye color: yellow with navy blue ring around pupil and iris.
Hair color/ Style: Dark navy blue-black/ Long, wavy and curly, parted over right eye
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 145 lbs
Position (Substitute teacher / Assistant principal)
Distinguishing features:

- beauty mark on right eyelid
-Eyes turn purple when using dark magic
-When not around Dimitrie, her body temperature is 75 degrees at the highest.
- Round nose/ large almond- shaped eyes/ full lips
-She is 5’10’’ in heels
-Thick thighs
-Wide hips
- large ass

Stats: 120
:bulletblue: +10 for month 1 point rewards

Intelligence: 20

Strength: 20

Magic: 40

Defense: 20

Speed: 15

Dexterity: 15


She can be very motherly and kind. She enjoys doing things for others, all you need to do is ask. She doesn’t hold grudges but she does give warnings. She hates not being able to help someone with a problem but prefers to solve her problems on her own if she can help it. Azura is very diligent and hardworking she’ll be seen either in her office doing paperwork or in the library studying. She’s friendly and easy to talk to most of the time, don’t be scared! 8’D
Azura has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from fighting in a war two years prior. Because of this, being surprised or startled is a bad thing for her and she will automatically lash out, using either dark or ice magic. She has flash-backs and nightmares from time to time so she may be seen spacing out. Hurting or threatening her family would evoke and agitated response. From time to time she can get nervous and sobby.
Character History:

Long ago there lived a pure Ice Angel named Glacia. Glacia was very beautiful, but her heart was cold as the ice around her. She lived in solitude and protected the creatures that lived in the ice. Meanwhile, A dark being by the name of Som had watched her dreams from afar. Som was a guardian of one of the many gateways to nightmares. His job was to protect and create nightmares. The scarier they were, the more energy he gained from the fear they produced. Som was deeply in love with Glacia’s beauty. But the love was unrequited.

How could I possibly love someone like you?

Unable to handle the rejection, Som decided he would take matters into his own hand and created a nightmare for Glacia. That night, he traveled through the nightmare, he visited her in her bed while she suffered painfully through the lucid night terror. After that night Som never visited Glacia again after that. He deeply regretted what he had did to her and knew he would never receive forgiveness. She was the only woman her ever intensely cared about this way.

Months later a child was born to Glacia. The ice angel was appalled by what she had created. The child had piercing yellow eyes, thick dark hair, brown skin and a powerfully cold, dark energy. This child was tainted with unholy blood, Glacia concluded. She wanted nothing to do with it . Just as she was about to feed the baby to drown the child in arctic waters, Her sister, Aqua, a water elemental angel appeared before her.

What right is it of yours to take the life of this child’s?
The right of mine as it’s creator.
If you cannot appreciate an innocent life, you do not deserve to have one
Then here, take this “innocent life” as you call it. Save me the trouble.
I have prevented blood from washing upon your hands sister. Your cleared conscious, I will take as thanks.”

Aqua took the baby and gave her a name. “Azura” She raised the baby on her own for a few years before handing her over to a water nymph and her human husband to raise. The couple could not produce children. Aqua knew they would appreciate the child much more than her sister.
And they did. The couple, Charlie and Natalia (Talie) were travelling eccentrics. They traveled the world with Azura, who they nicknamed “Zurie.” Azura grew up to love her earth parents. Sometimes she would get lost In the places they traveled to so every place they went, they made it a point for her to try and learn the language. They found it was very easy for her to learn a different language, but the non-Latin ones were hard for her to read and write. The couple was very free spirited and open minded parents who supported their daughter in whatever she wanted to do.

Growing up, Azura’s powers were very unstable. The older she got, the more hard it was for her to control, the more shy she became around other people. Aqua knew that, someday, if Azura could not control her powers, she would end up hurting the people she cared about. And so, she was sent to Heaven- Hell Academy so she would learn how to control her powers. At Heaven Hell academy, she made a lot of new friends, learned to control her powers to some degree, and met her future husband, Dimitrie Cristescu. While she was there, Som, her birth father had started to contact her through nightmares. It wasn’t long before she knew the truth of her birth. Sadly, Heaven Hell Academy closed shortly after.
During the first two years after HHA, she visited her earth family and trained with Aqua to control her Ice powers fully. She and Dimitrie wrote letters to each other during this time. When Azura was able to finally control her ice powers, Aqua took her to visit her Birth mother, Glacia. Glacia was unimpressed with Azura. The tension between the two was enough to create a blizzard. The two ice angels did not get along, they argued and fought violently until they were forced apart.
Early the following year, Azura and Dimitrie finally met back up. Later on, they started to live together. Before the year was over, they knew they wanted to be together forever. They decided to get married on the New years. After a year of marriage, they had a baby girl who they named Mihai Adrianna Cristescu. They raised her together for a half a year before Azura started having chronic nightmares. He father was trying to contact her again. This time, he needed her help. He wanted to train her so that she would be strong enough to help him fight in an upcoming war. Som’s gate way was being threatened by hordes of nightmare eaters. With the balance of nightmares in the dream realm thrown out, the gateways would start to collapse one at a time. Azura’s dark magic powers were still unstable, and this was a serious threat, but she was not willing to leave her family. Som left her alone for a few months before contacting her again; desperate now.

Azura was finally, worn down by this time. She would help Som with this war. He promised she would help on the condition that it would not be longer than a year. Little did she know, the training lasted for 2 years and the war itself dragged on for 6 years. Azura would be away from her family for 8 years. However, she was allowed to visit them from time to time and her visits grew more and more important.
The first time Azura visited her family, she and Dimitrie found that they could not touch each other without hurting or getting each other sick. They then decided to magically alter their wedding rings. From then on, whenever they were near each other, Azura’s temperature would go up, and Dimitrie’s temperature would go down to a degree that they both were comfortable with.
The second visit, she found Dimitrie on the ground near death and some person about to kill him, panicked, she blasted him with Ice magic and fought him, coating her fists in dark ice. He fought her with fire but the ice she produced was fused with dark magic. It was extremely hard to melt. Feeling cornered, the kid transformed into a wolf headed dragon. Who was this kid?? Was he like Dimitrie? She used ice magic to protect herself and freeze the dragon’s legs, subduing him for the time being. While he was down she ran to dimi’s side and healed him, using a dark magic spell that would take a few years off her life span; but it was a price she was willing to pay. The kid had turned back to normal by the time this was over and the ice had disappeared from his legs.

Dimitrie fully healed got up and walked over to him. Azura, a little weak from using magic sat on the ground and watched. She had no idea what was going on, but she became nervous and anxious. Later on she was told that the kid was, in fact, Dimitrie’s half brother, Ion and that he would be allowed to live but sent to Dimitrie’s father to live. Azura decided to stay with her family for a few months before she had to leave again.

She fought in the war against the nightmare eater hordes with her father for a few more years after that, visiting from time to time until the 8th and final year when the war ended. The balance of Nightmares and the nightmares being consumed by dream eaters was finally restored. To strengthen this treaty, Som sealed himself into the gateway to nightmares that he guarded. Azura was finally able to go back home for good. Happily reunited with her family once more, she stayed with them, slowly getting back to her family life. When the idea for Axcinia-University came into production, she helped the best way she could and continues to help.


:bulletblue: Ice magic

-Flash freeze: completely freeze others in their place (not in a block of ice)| Good for stopping commotion.

- Ice shards/daggers/ spikes: Sharp Ice magic attack that either erupts from the ground, or fall from the sky.

-Ice paralysis: Freezing of the water in one’s body (very dangerous spell/ this spell is mixed with dark magic)

-Generic freeze: general freezing of any liquid

-Temperature absorbing: In cold places, her body will absorb the temperature around her and convert it to energy. ( Absorbed temperature can be released. )

More TBA

:bulletblack: Dark magic

-Dark portal

-Dark forcefield

-Entering Nightmares (She can enter nightmares)

- Various Dark magic healing spells (she hardly uses these because it helps buthas negative effects on her)

More TBA

:bulletgreen: Non Magic (natural) Abilities
-She can speak Spanish, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Hawaiian, French, Italian, Persian, German, Russian, and Vietnamese (Put basically, she’s a polyglot due to traveling around with her family through her childhood)

-She can read only Spanish, English, Latin, and French

-She can Fly (wings are sealed in her back so they are not always out /see ref/ [link] )

-She can play the violin

-she can sing fairly well

-she can make ice cream

-Pretty good at sewing

Strengths/ Weaknesses

+Ice Magic
+Dark magic
+intelligent (studies so that she could be a competent substitute)
-Fire magic| Heat (Too much fire or heat can make her sick and very weak)
-Cooking (She can’t cook at all, usually Dimitrie cooks for the family)
-She has various magical limits. Using too much magic makes her more sensitive to heat, thus she’ll get sick.
-Studying (she’s prone to boredom, falls asleep pretty fast)
-She cannot comb and or/ style her own or her daughter’s hair. She’s a mega tard with hair care.

Likes/ Dislikes:
+ ICECREAM fatass
+ Her family
+ Friends of her family
+Helping others
+ Playing with her daughter
+ Being called a good mother (she’ll sob with joy)
+Ice Cream
+Traveling, Adventuring
+Playing the violin/ Violin music
-SURPRISES ( :iconstaresplz: unless you want to be attacked. Don’t do it. )
-Being startled ( DON’T DO IT. 8( )
-Being called a bad mother (she’ll spiral into depression)
-Being avoided (she liked having frands t;v;t )
-Hurting someone’s feelings unintentionally
- Fire (when she was younger, she was Afraid of it, now it just makes her sick, she has built up a tolerance to some levels of heat but only for so long)
-Anyone who harms her family
-Her Birth mother (“That bitch can go throw herself into a volcano”)

Omg Facts:

:bulletpurple: -She only knows how to play the Violin
:bulletred: -Loves wearing heels and boots
:bulletblue: -Her wedding ring is fused with magic so that she and her husband can be around each other and procreate
:bulletorange: She has a great sense of direction
:bulletyellow: Small furry animals disturb her
:bulletgreen: She likes sweets. fatass

Azura (c) ~Sweet-bamboo
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