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March 5, 2012
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AU Student App Sverre by Xuiology AU Student App Sverre by Xuiology
=u = yes I gave him a hair cut, and fixed his hands and face shape to what I want. Much better for now.

Name: Sverre (no last name)
Nickname: To be given
Age: 52 (as far as he knows, his real age, from existence is unknown) (looks 16-17)
Birthday: Has none, was never born (see history)
House: Hell
Gender: Male
Race: Black Shuck
Sexual Preference: uhhh if it has to be one... pansexual I guess.
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Red
Height: 5'5''
:bulletblack: Solid form: 125lbs
:bulletblack: Ghost form (most of the time) : Weightless
Distinguishing feature:
His glowing red eyes
Ghostly, almost fading appearance
His hair does not reflect light


At a glance:
Sverre has a habit of being condescending. When he doesn't intend to. He's very quiet most of the times and almost reclusive to others. If you harass him long enough, eventually he will consider you a friend. He's not one to scold or feel remorse for those he does not know well. He's not really one for the rules either. If he sees you breaking the rules or intending to, he'll do nothing to stop you unless its inconvenient for him. Be cautious when asking for his advice. He's very mechanical and apathetic.
*He seems to be curious to certain things, will ask questions. He's not quite friendly, but he's not quite mean when meeting him for the first time.

Sverre has an odd way of showing he cares. Most of the times his expressions do not match his emotions. He can be witty when he wants to be and he's a good listener even though he seems apathetic. If you're looking for someone just to listen to you, or what you have to say, he's good for that.
Be careful should he find interest in you. He has a tendency to appear randomly and will always be able to find you. If you talk to him, he wont ignore you unless he deems you not worth speaking to (in this case, you would have wronged him in some way our your behavior repels him.)
Ever since spending time in the University, Sverre has been slowly changing. He is beginning to gain a sense of empathy and consideration but only to those he cares about and considers a friend. Because he sees that its possible to care for others, he's more open to newer people but still has mechanical tendencies. He likes learning about new things. The best way to gain his friendship is to teach him something new.

When Sverre's human mother was pregnant with him, she went to an old witch and begged her for a way to abort the child, having been raped a few weeks prior. His mother was a beautiful young maiden with golden blonde hair and fair skin. She felt that this child was a curse upon her and if she were to have it, she could never marry the love of her life. The witch decided help her in exchange for four inches of the her hair. The mother cut her hair and willingly gave it to the witch. The witch helped the mother abort the child and all was done. The witch and the maiden never saw each other after that.
Unfortunately, the soul of the unborn baby began to wonder around without a place to go. It moaned and cried for its mother but she never replied. Soon the soul began to take a visual form. The soul became a Black Shuck, a Black Ghost dog with glowing red eyes. People feared it and would run away. For many years The black shuck wondered around until finding an old woman who did not cower in fear but smiled and called to it. When it went to her the woman grinned widely at the black shuck and said "You long to be human, yes?" The black shuck could not speak, but nodded its head. The woman cackled and turned, urging it to follow her.
In the woman's little house, she mixed a bowl of different ingredients before adding a lock of beautiful golden hair. Chanting a spell, the black shuck began to change. When it was all over, he found himself laying on his back, crying as a new born baby. But he was a strange looking baby, one with dark hair and red eyes, small black ears and a tail, with a form that seemed to.. fade. The woman smiled and picked up the baby and named him Sverre. She raised Sverre as her apprentice for 52 years until she died. Without anywhere to go, Sverre decided to go to AU to further his studies.

+Being read to
+Learning new things
+Watching people
+Helping his friends
+Magic and spells
-People who destroy books
-Overly rude people
-Being confused
-Hurting other's feelings (he really does care some times, you'll often hear him say "I apologize..." )

Stats: 25:
STR: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 6
INT: 6
MAG: 7
DEX: 4

:bulletblack: He knows Magic and spells
:bulletblack: He has a fascination with human literature
:bulletblack: He cant change into his ghost dog form For now He's stuck.
:bulletblack: He doesn't eat
:bulletblack: He can phase through objects and people at will
:bulletblack: He does have a solid form that comes in handy sometimes. (he assumes it when meeting people)
:bulletblack: He can disappear fully.
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BlAcK-MoNaRcH13 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aries was heading down the hall, she had 2 books under her arm and was looking for something as she went. "now where did that little creatuer go?" one of the books looked new and well bound together as if it had hardly been touched and the other was stuffed with extra papers, some coloured and others seemed to have drawn pictures on them. "OH!!" she saw Sverre's tail and grabbed it, thinking it was the little creature's that she had been looking for. "FOUND YOU!!"
Xuiology Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Sverre was just walking around a corner as he heard a loud yell. His ears propped up as he felt his tail suddenly grabbed. He took his ghost form, removing his tail's tangibility, and made it so that it phased through aries' hand. "... Excuse me?" He said as he turned to look at who could have been so rude as to assault him in such a way. "Can I help you?" He asked, a hint of irritation in his voice from having his tail pulled.
BlAcK-MoNaRcH13 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aries blinked and looked up at him, her eyes going wide and she blushed. "I-IM SO SORRY!!" she bowed to him, her face almost going with blush thanks to her embarrassment. "i didnt know it w-was your tail, i was looking for a creature that got away from my book!!" she held up the newer book, opening to a page that had a black and white picture but what ever creture was suppose to be on it was missing from it. "have you seen a small creature about the lenght of my arm, it has a ling tail and stubby legs..."
Xuiology Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Sverre remained in his ghost form and blinked at her reaction then tilted his head, lowering one ear. Who was this girl? He never saw her around. And what was this about a book? He propped his head and ears up and looked at the book as she showed it to him. When examining the page, he saw that there was a missing illustration of a creature. He looked to her and shook his head "Sorry miss, but I haven't." he replied.
BlAcK-MoNaRcH13 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
she sighed and closed the book. "i was afraid of that, if i dont get him back into the book he'll cause havoc and burn something down!!" she started looking again, looking under a table close by. on her back was a small creature, it was black and had a long tail and ears.(the creature she's looking for) it was clinging to her jacket and sleeping. "ah, i am SO in trouble if someone finds out i animated a book creature!!"
Xuiology Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
/ It wouldnt be the first time a part of this place has caught on fire./ he thought to himself as she started looking around. He didn't seem in the least bit worried about anything. When she turned around he blinked and looked at the creature. "Miss," he said and pointed to her "It's on your back."
BlAcK-MoNaRcH13 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aries stopped and looked at him, confused." its on my back?" she turns slightly, trying to look at her back. "could you get it off me please? try not to wake it or i'll be hunting him down again"
Xuiology Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
Sverre nodded, his face neutral expression unchanging. He took his solid form and proceeded to carefully removed the creature from Aries' back. After he would get it off, he would hand it over to Aries to do whatever she planned to do with it.
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Hydropalika Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist
OMG, this looks amazing! :omfg: Love the effects in this pic! :D
Xuiology Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
oh hey thanks! <3
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